New technologies often have a difficult time at the beginning. When in the 19th century they built the first railroad, protect “experts”, that the human body can not cope with the speed of more than 30 km/h. He was confronted with similar embarrassments as well ThermoShield.

The manufacturers of classic paints and insulating materials, of course, were afraid of the new technology and provided a lot of not very objective information in the media..

Scientific work of independent researchers of institutes concerning the transport of moisture by building components, they document the principle of action and the justification thermoceramic membrane technology, which is already proving itself in practice 20 years.

Research shows, that traditional view and methods to do so, to realistically depict the complex processes of moisture and heat transfer dynamics in buildings, is no longer enough.

ThermoShield is a big step forward in terms of applying new knowledge to practice.

So, like the railway once.


Thermoceramic paints acrylate-based available in many color shades ready for immediate use. They have a wide range of uses, especially in construction. They can be applied to almost all types of substrates, both outdoors and indoors.


binder – highly elastic acrylic resin, which forms a double network structure by the action of UV radiation
filling – microceramic hollow spheres (inside containing inert gas)
dye – white in the form of titanium dioxide, or other color pigments


It performs a function thermal ceramic membrane – i.e., that the coating is variably diffusely open and prevents water and air humidity from penetrating the substrate, but at the same time it allows it to evaporate, so on substrates with absorption and diffusion ability regulates the moisture of the substrate and thus increases the thermal resistance of the entire structure.

It has a very high permanent reflectivity – back to space reflects 86% sunlight. Demonstrably reduces the cost of heating in winter and air conditioning in summer – this can be documented on the basis of eighteen years of experience. Savings on heating have been proven 29%.


Microceramic beads containing inert gas, have significant thermal insulation properties, but above all they ensure a high reflectance of solar radiation. Highly elastic acrylate resin in combination with microceramic balls prevent atmospheric water from penetrating into the substrate, at the same time, however, they allow the evaporation of water vapor when the humidity drops to normal levels, which is contained in the structure. It is a thermoceramic coating, which thanks to its “variable airspace” acts as a membrane, which promotes the rapid evaporation of excess moisture from the substrate (GORE-TEX principle ). By reducing the humidity of masonry by 1% we can achieve savings on heating up 10%!


Thanks to its high elasticity and adhesion, it can be applied to many different surfaces, including most metals., wood, plastics, foam, textiles, synthetic fiber materials, concrete, old and new plaster and some previous coats. High elasticity prevents the formation of thermodynamically caused cracks, which we can use when painting consecutive ones, however, different structural elements with different thermal expansion.

In order for the above general properties to be observed there, where necessary, ThermoShield is manufactured in three modifications designed primarily for the following uses:

ThermoShield Exterior – colors designed for facades
ThermoShield Interior – interior paint
ThermoShield TopShield – paint for roof coatings