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Ecological building material – Wood concrete

ISO SPAN / Wood concrete

Construction-EPD - building materials with transparency and environmental product declarations according to

ISO 14025 to EN 15804

Formula for wood-concrete

-cement, Water, minerals, wood chips

Soft chipboard and wood processing chips are the basic material for the production of natural building material from wood chips.

With minimal energy costs, the wood chips in the impact mills are crushed to the correct size and then mixed with natural materials., cement, water and minerals and are formed into fittings and insulation boards.

The main principle of this future-oriented production technology is to avoid environmental pollution, in particular keeping the air and water clean.

ISO SPAN wood-concrete fittings and insulation boards deprive the environment of the greenhouse gas by, that CO2 in chipboard stored in the form of carbon. Thanks to this, the ISO SPAN wood-concrete fittings and insulation boards move us much closer to the goal of environmental protection., to reduce CO2 emissions. Wood-concrete fittings are therefore a perfect synthesis of natural building materials of wood and stone, in a modern and progressive way.


4 properties of ISO SPAN Wood-concrete

1.Optimal thermal insulation

Excellent U-values ​​and overall thermal properties thanks to a combination of biologically very favorable wood-concrete and integrated polystyrene insulation.

Warm and dry walls:
Very good values ​​for wood-concrete ("Warm wooden coat") and optimal absorption / moisture release guarantee high climatic comfort and convenience.

No thermal bridges:
The ISO SPAN product line offers a homogeneous complete wall construction system, which can be fitted and joined without mortar (without mortar joints).

Optimal thermal quality:
The unique interplay of the thermal insulation properties of ISO SPAN wood chip casings leads to savings in heating costs, not only through strong U-values.. The inclusion of passive use of solar energy and subjective comfort serves as an important factor in energy savings (indoor climate).

Integrated thermal insulation:
With ISO SPAN wood chip fittings, you have no more / subsequent insulation concerns. No glue or composite material is required.

2.Optimal vapor permeability

Year-round dry wall (comfort) thanks to the continuous transport of moisture out of the air (through permeable, continuous strips made of concrete).

Year-round dry wall:
Continuous, condensate-free transport of internal moisture out through wide, continuous wood-concrete nets.

Minimal moisture storage:
Overall excellent values ​​of water absorption and water evaporation due to the structure of open-pore wood concrete (water absorption 0,7 kg / m2 water evaporation 2,1 kg / m2 – for 1 hour).

Very short drying time.

It means: the building is quickly ready for installation and the walls behave completely smoothly, if the building gets wet.

3.Optimal heat accumulation

Optimized, balanced indoor climate in seasons and day and night rhythm and efficient passive use of solar energy through a concrete core efficient for heat accumulation.

Climate optimization:
temperature peaks – for example in hot afternoons – are easing. The rooms are much more comfortable to live in, the thermal energy stored in the concrete core is released in the colder evenings at night.

Winter: Use of solar energy:
Free solar energy is stored in the concrete core (day) and is delayed (afternoon / evening) and is released into the rooms (positive energy flow).

Surface temperature of the walls:
Year-round temperatures optimize wall surfaces and thus create an energy-efficient ratio between the average room air temperature and the wall surface (feeling good).

4.Optimal sound insulation

Thanks to the high total weight of the wall (concrete structure) all sizes of fittings have excellent sound insulation properties.

Very high weight of concrete walls,
the higher the weight of the wall, the better the sound insulation properties. The lightweight ISO SPAN fitting in combination with the concrete infill achieves above-average wall weight and thus achieves excellent sound attenuation even with small wall thicknesses. The concrete core also forms the basis of the high load-bearing capacity of ISO SPAN walls. Environment with minimal noise.

The technology used has been proven many times over decades

Without this natural building material, housing in Europe would have fewer excellent alternatives. In addition to fire resistance and earthquakes, the most important features include noise protection, heat accumulation, sound insulation and vapor permeability. Many consider wood to be one of the typical natural building materials. However, concrete as a formable building material made of cement, sand and gravel has the same composition as many deposits in nature. Cement with its natural raw materials is used by ISO SPAN GmbH as a wood binder in the production of chipboard.. ISO SPAN wood chip fittings and insulation boards remove efficient greenhouse gas from the environment through CO2 stored in wood chips in the form of carbon.
Building fittings made of wood chips are therefore a perfect synthesis of natural building materials, wood and stone, in a modern and future-oriented way.

6 benefits, that will convince...

1.Natural wood chips and cement

Wood and cement are, of course, natural materials.

2.Thermal insulation and sound insulation

The best thermal insulation and massive sound insulation

3.Optimal construction

Fast and cheap construction (with lost functional formwork and insulation)

4.Vapor permeability

Breathable walls, due to the high diffusion ability of the vapor

5.earthquake safety

High earthquake safety due to strong core. fire protection - REI 180